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Chelation Therapy at Abundalife New Jersey

Why Chelation Therapy...
1. For over 50 years I.V. Chelation Therapy has been the official Medical Treatment for Lead Poisoning, Heavy Metal Toxicity and Other Environmental over-exposures
2. E.D.T.A Chelation Therapy improves the pliability and flexibility of over 75,000 miles of tiny capillaries
3. By-Pass surgery cleans out only a few inches of blocked arteries. Chelation Therapy safely, comfortably and efficiently cleans out the entire cardio vascular system.
4. Plaque begins to accumulate on the walls of our arteries in our early 20's-by the time we're 35 arteriosclerosis-rocks have already advanced-Chelation Therapy cleans out a lifetime of accumulation of dangerous plaque
5. Although not approved by Orthodox Drug Medicine for thee treatment of Heart Disease and Stroke... tens of thousands of Medical Doctors believe in the treatment and perform millions of treatment each year
6. In the 70 year history of Chelation one has ever been harmed...millions of patients have reported improved circulation, lower cholesterol, reduced blood pressure, elimination of brain fog, improved sexual function, increased in energy, improved quality of life
7. Chelation Therapy helps prevent the need for Angioplasty, By-Pass Surgery, Heart Transplant, Arteriosclerosis, Stroke, Heart Attack, decreased Mental Function, Diabetes, Arthritis and other Circulatory disorders.
8. Abunda Life I.V. Therapy Department administers over 100 different I.V. vitamins and immune enhancement treatments as an alternative to Orthodox Drug Medicine for the purpose of disease preventive

Professional Fee

I.V. Therapies Range:

I.V.Alternative Cancer Therapy, (Nutritional Support)

I.V. Super Nutritional Therapy

I.V. Therapies Range:

I.V.Alternative Cancer Therapy, (Nutritional Support)

I.V. Super Nutritional Therapy


It is not unusual for people to begin to start losing their edge shortly after their thirty fifth birthday. This mental deterioration process is faster in some people than others. By age fifty some people can lose as much as half their ability to preform everyday tasks related to memory, learning, thinking, and creativity. By age sixty or even before senile dementia and/or Alzheimer's Disease has already begun.

This cognitive loss may also be accompanied by depression, withdrawal., and low self esteem. Needless to say their quality of life can be seriously compromised.

Most orthodox doctors tell their patients that this is simply something to be expected with the aging process. Don't you believe them!

These same doctors find it hard to explain how some people like Bob Delmontique, Jack Lalane, Dr. Bernard Jensen, and so many others minds just continue to get sharper and better each years.

We have found that mental degeneration, most of the time, is due to clogged brain cells. This slow process is simply another manifestation of arteriosclerosis. We don't need new research or a new breed of specialists, and we certainly don't need more drugs. Brain clogging comes from the same cause, plaque is gluing up the arteries that supply oxygen and nutrients to the brain. When those arteries become blocked it is impossible for our brain to function properly. It's just that simple. Fancy diagnosis not withstanding.

The time to begin treating senility and Alzheimer's is at the age of thirty five or forty, about when you begin to get a little forgetful, not at age sixty or seventy when they put you in an institution.

Senile dementia and Alzheimer's can be prevented using the same chelation therapy/nutritional protocol that is used to prevent strokes, sudden death syndrome, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and hundreds of other circulatory disorders.

One of the most beautiful aspects of the Abunda Life chelation therapy prevention program is when you attack the plaque before it becomes a named disease, you prevent it all. All in one program, by eliminating the cause, which we believe is plaque. We help to prevent hundreds of named diseases and thousands of related symptoms. You don't need to go to twelve tomfoolery doctors for twelve patch jobs. You can do it all yourself with the help of our total treatment, wellness, and life-style program.

In short: Brain clogging is another manifestations of arteriosclerosis. The same thing that clogs the body clogs the brain. The orthodox medical profession has hundreds of names for this process. We keep things simple at Abunda Life, we call it plaque. We believe it is at the root cause and a major contributing factor to all degenerative disease.

The Abunda Life program which includes chelation therapy is designed to clean plaque off the arterial walls of your brain and body.


You're got enough blood vessels in your body to wrap around the world seven times or to reach one third of the way to the moon, if they were strung out!

When surgeons perform their heroic double, triple, and quadruple bypass surgery, they only address a few inches of glued up plaque next to the heart, leg, or carotid artery. What about the other 74, 999.9999+ miles of your circulatory system?

You've got to help me with this one, because I've asked cardiologists and they couldn't give me an answer, yet they did not know too much about chelation therapy.

In naturopathic school we learned that when a person is sick they are sick all over. The medical profession teaches the exact opposite. It's not unusual for a patient to come into our office and tell us that their medical doctor told them "Except for the canceryou have, you are perfectly healthy."

It's hard for a naturopathic doctor to conceive of a person with cancer as being perfectly healthy everywhere else, but we live in a world of different ideas, concepts, philosophies, and worldviews. I used to strike out and attack others who had different beliefs than mine. I have since learned to be thankful for our differences and welcome the differences as an opportunity to examine my own beliefs.

In naturopathic medicine we believe when a person has cancer in their stomach, liver, lungs, etc., they have it all over their entire body, in every organ, gland, and system. It may be manifesting itself more in one part of the body than others, but never the less, it's throughout the whole body.

The perfect example was when the actor John Wayne. The doctors said that he had stomach cancer. Remember John Wayne could afford the very best medical doctors and treatment in the world. Money was no object. The doctors cut two thirds of his stomachout and said "We got it all!" There are no signs of cancer. John Wayne was pronounced perfectly healthy. The "Duke" as he was often called, died just six weeks later from lung cancer!

I was taught that ideas have significance and that thoughts are things because what we think will eventually influence what we do. The book of James in the Bible links faith and works (action) as one. The same can also be said of thoughts and actions. We need to be careful about false ideas, teachers, and concepts, because of what they lead us to.

In the case of cancer the medical solution is to cut it, drug it, or nuke it out of the body. When it shows up in another part of the body, they repeat the process. Until death do us part.

The problem with this worldview that aware people are beginning to grasp, is that every drug, every operation, and every nuking, depresses the body's own ability to fight its own battles naturally. The body, just like a country in time of war, can take just so much until it just gives up. In World War II, the powerful Japanese forces had its fleet sunk, its occupational army whipped off the ace of the earth, and its nation was surrounded. Still Japan did not give up. It took two nuclear bombs to convince them they had nothing to fight back with. They surrendered unconditionally. This was in effect what happens to the body. After being continually beaten down with drugs it finally gives up. It surrenders unconditionally when it has nothing left to fight back with.

When it comes to the cardiovascular system, conventional medicine sees only an inch or two of totally blocked arteries. Their solution is cut it!... Drug it!... Blast it!...

The way naturopathic doctors view the cardiovascular system is the whole 75,000 miles of arteries. We believe that if an inch or two is totally blocked then there is thousands of miles of arteries that are partially blocked.

Can you begin to see why we believe in chelation therapy as part of a total health program?

Is it making sense to you to think of chelation therapy as a means of improving your total health and well-being?

We think that orthodox medicine has its place. We also think that the best medicine is preventive medicine. Chelation therapy can help you to prevent degenerative disease, premature aging, cancer, stroke, sudden death, diabetes, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease, because it improves circulation to every inch of the 75,000 miles of blood vessels in your body. This is an absolute fact that no medical doctor can deny on the face of the earth in spite of the school they went to. Facts are facts! Chelation removes heavy metals, including the materials that bind plaque. It is the plaque, remember, that plays havoc with the body.

Chelation therapy also improves the pliability and flexibility of your arteries. Old age has always been associated with hard, ridged, inflexible arteries. Youth has always been associated with arteries that have elasticity, pliability, and movement.

The choice is now yours. Chelation has made a lot of sense to me. That's why I do it and that's why I'm telling you about it. You can't do any harm as it's a very safe medical treatment and that's a fact. Its been the official medically approved treatment for lead poisoning for over fifty years. No harm has ever been done in all these years to any one who has received chelation therapy - and that's a fact. There are no harmful side effects. Chelation therapy improves circulation and improves the body's healing powers. Patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, and senility have also benefit.

Also online product is available to take orally.

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